Biofuels from Olive Pomace
Processed Olive Pits Biofuel

Our company produces biomass and biofuels from agricultural wastes.

We process the olive pomace (olive pits) and produce, with our equipment and in our own facilities, clean and high calorific value biofuels from crushed olive seeds.

Crushed olive seeds (processed pomace) is a high performance biofuel. It is a kind of biomass and one of the most promising renewable energy source in Greece. It is clean and ecological since it does not contain chemical substances and for its' production no trees need to cut. 

It is derived directly from the separation of the olive kernels and leafs and it contains approximately 1.0% oil. It is an important domestic renewable energy source, having a low cost, meanwhile it is an excellent biofuel with high calorific value which amounts up to 4.300 kcal/kgr.